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Code: WoD058-2
Name: Hansom Cab (Red)
Desc.: The second version sports a ¡§Wine Red¡¨ finish and again has a driver on the
back seat.
Price: US$175
(Out of Stock. Please contact Kings X)
Code: WoD058-1
Name: Hansom Cab (Yellow)
Desc.: The first of our two ¡§Standing Horse¡¨ cabs is decorated in a golden yellow and black paint scheme and comes with the seated driver.
Price: US$175
(Out of Stock. Please contact Kings X)
Code: WoD057
Desc.: Another dramatic headline from Victorian times.
This time it¡¦s the blood-curdling events surrounding the activities of the notorious ¡§Jack The Ripper¡¨ on the streets and alley ways of London¡¦s fog-bound Whitechapel.
Price: US$49
Code: WoD054
Name: Life Guards Trooper
Desc.: ¡§Trooper¡¨ in the cavalry is the equivalent of a ¡§Private¡¨ in the infantry and the lowest entry rank to the regiment.
All mounted troopers have already completed 14 weeks of basic training before moving onto a further 12 weeks of specific military skill training.
For those joining the ceremonial squadrons (cavalry regiments have squadrons, the infantry equivalent is the rifle company) a 12 week ¡§Khaki Ride¡¨ which includes stable management, horsemanship and basic riding skills will be taught at Windsor, near London. Then the graduate moves to Hyde Park Barracks in the capitol where they will learn to ride wearing the colourful ceremonial uniforms that generations of Household Cavalrymen have worn.
Fully trained troopers can expect to spend 18-24 months taking part in traditional daily duties on Horse Guards Parade and Whitehall as well as numerous State Ceremonial occasions throughout the year.
Price: US$125
Code: WoD053
Name: Life Guards Non Commissioned Officer
Desc.: The backbone of any great military unit, and the ¡§Life Guards¡¨ is no exception, are the Non Commissioned Officers. Cavalry regiments have some unique ranks for NCO¡¦s such as ... ¡§Squadron Corporal Major¡¨ (Warrant Officer Class 2) and ¡§Corporal of Horse¡¨ (Sergeant). These date back to the earliest days of the British Cavalry during the English Civil War.
Price: US$125
Code: WoD052
Name: Life Guards Officer
Price: US$129
Code: WoD050
Name: Mr & Mrs. Micawber
Desc.: Another of Dickens most memorable characters along with his patient and loving wife take a stroll on the ¡§Streets of Olde London¡¨.
In popular culture, Micawber was famous for his many quotations. Among the most famous is...
¡§Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds and six pence, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds naught and six, result misery!¡¨
Price: US$99
Code: WoD049
Name: The Extra Cup
Desc.: Customers were usually allowed a ¡¥second¡¦ cup free of charge at these streetside coffee carts.
Price: US$47
Code: WoD048
Name: The Coffee Couple
Desc.: A gentleman and his lady enjoy their morning cup.
Price: US$95
Code: WoD047
Name: The Coffee Cart
Desc.: In Victorian London coffee was almost, but not quite, as popular as Tea!
Here, a Street Coffee Merchant brews up some fresh coffee for his customers. Look out for lots of great detail in this charming little set... Figure of the coffee Merchant is included.
Price: US$115
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